WELCOME to Sydney Australia for the 12th International NanoMedicine Conference.

The annual International NanoMedicine Conference is regarded as the most significant nanomedicine meeting in the Southern Hemisphere. This event attracts over 250 registrants with representation from academia, medical research institutes and biotech companies. More than half of the delegates are from interstate and international organisations.
2022 represents the 12th year of this renowned International NanoMedicine Conference. The Conference will be held from 27- 29 June at UNSW Sydney’s flagship events venue John Niland Scientia Building. This event is again brought to you by the UNSW Australian Centre for NanoMedicine (ACN). The main objective of the conference is to share novel research that may lead to prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of some of the most challenging diseases, in an environment conducive to networking with colleagues from around the world.

On behalf of the Conference Organising Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to the Conference!

Conference Chairs

Professor Maria Kavallaris
Professor Cyrille Boyer
Scientia Assoc Professor Kristopher Kilian

Themes and Theme Leaders

Drug Delivery

Professor Zhen Gu
Dr Sophia Zi Gu

Sensors and Imaging

Professor Weibo Cai
Associate Professor Rona Chandrawati

Bioactive Materials 

Prof Richard Tilley
Dr John Quinn

Bio-nano Interactions

Dr Damia Mawad
Dr Ruirui Qiao

Bioengineered & Microfluidic Models

Dr Jelena Rnjak-Kovacina
Dr Peter Wich

Tissue Engineering and Organoid Technology

Dr MoonSun Jung
Professor Deok-Ho Kim
Dr Tushar Kumeria

Clinical Challenges

Dr Angelica Merlot

Industry Session

Dr Kang Liang