ACS Publications 3MT Poster Presentation Prizes

In the 3MT competition, poster presenters are invited to deliver a three-minute presentation (plus 1 minute of questions for a total of 4 minutes).  Through this session, presenters will succinctly highlight the unique aspects of their research using no more than four PowerPoint slides (including the title slide).

  • The competition will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 28th in Tyree Room at John Niland Scientia Building (G19) UNSW Sydney.
  • PhD students and Early Career Researchers (max. 5 years out of PhD) please register your interest here by Friday 29th April tp enter the competition.
  • Presentations are 3 minutes each
  • A limit of 4 slides (including one title/introductory slide)
  • The presentations will be judged for clarity of explanation, scientific merit and overall quality
  • Only those who enter the three-minute presentation session will be eligible for the prizes.

There are 5 ACS Journal poster presentation cash prizes to be won at AU$300 each:

  1. ACS Sensors 3MT Poster Presentation Prize $300
  2. ACS Nano 3MT Poster Presentation Prize $300
  3. ACS Applied Nano Materials 3MT Poster Presentation Prize $300
  4. Nano Letters 3MT Poster Presentation Prize $300
  5. ACS Materials Letters 3MT Poster Presentation Prize $300

Prizes will be announced at the conclusion of the Poster Session on Tuesday, June 28th.

Oral Presentation Prizes

  • PhD students and Early Career Researchers (max. 5 years out of PhD)
  • Please register your interest here to enter the competition. Deadline to register interest: 29 April
  • Each prize will be judged by a panel of distinguished researchers.
  • There are 5 cash prizes to be won, of $500 each.
    • 2 x Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre (MWAC) Oral Presentation Prizes $500 each
    • 2 x Tyree IHealthE Oral Presentation Prizes $500 each
    • 1 x Pharmaceutics Oral Presentation Prize $500

Oral Presentation Prizes will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Conference on Wednesday, June 29th.