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Welcome from the Conference Chairs 2012

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It is a great pleasure to invite you to attend the 3rd International NanoMedicine Conference taking place at Coogee Beach Sydney Australia from July 2-4 2012. tom-davis

From this seaside location, we will again assemble a world-class group of researchers and clinicians, with plenary speakers including Dr Alan Trounson President of the Californian Institute of Regenerative Medicine and John Pickup Professor of Diabetes and Metabolism at King's College London School of Medicine, Guy's Hospital UK.  These two will be joined by an ever growing list of nanomedicine leaders.

As with previous years, the great Australian hospitality will make this a conference to remember, including social and networking activities that are aimed at forging collaboration and exploring ideas though multidisciplinary approaches.  But it will be the presentation of research that will again be the star of this conference.

All researchers be they from medicine, chemistry or science that work in the nanomedicine field are acutely aware of the great need to prevent and cure diseases which have emotional, social and economic ramifications.  We, either working at the bench or at the bedside, acknowledge that the application of nanotechnology into healthcare offers possibilities in the key areas of

Target Delivery || Sensing || Diagnostics ||  Regenerative Medicine || Imaging || Translational Medicine ||  NanoSafety.

These will be the key areas examined at the Conference, and these are the same drivers that will provide great hope to patients.  While the timeframe between research to translation can be long, nanomedicine offers opportunities never previously considered.

This year we will again have special programs to encourage Early Career Researches in to present their work.  Added to this, if you are interested in submitting an abstract for either oral or poster please follow the links.

I hope you are able to join us for Great Science at the Beach.

Prof Tom P Davis (Chair)
Director, Australian Centre for NanoMedicine,
The University of New South Wales
Prof Maria Kavallaris (Co-chair)
Co-Director, Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
Head of Tumour Biology and Targeting Program
Children's Cancer Institute Australia
Prof Justin Gooding (Co-chair)
Co-Director, Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
The University of New South Wales
Organising Commitee: Carla Gerbo || Michael Whittaker || Istvan Jacenyik || Cyrille Boyer || Robert Nordon || Anthony Granville
Scientific Committee: Jagat Kanwar || Mark Kendall || Frank Caruso || Gordon Wallace || Calum Drummond || Nigel McMillan || Suzanne Smith